The Fast & Natural Way to Kindle Your Flame

Fast and natural, efficiently burning Colorado Kindling pine conesColorado Kindling is the fast and natural way to start your charcoal BBQ, campfire, fire pit or fireplace using only one specially treated pine cone*.

Living in Colorado, there are many pine cone producing trees everywhere you look. Once the cone has expelled its seeds, it will simply lay around until someone sweeps it up or it rots on the forest floor.

Using pine cones to start campfires and fireplaces is not a new idea, Coloradans have been doing it for years. At Colorado Kindling however, we have brought it to a whole new level. Colorado Kindling pine cones have been soaked in an anti-microbial/bacterial solution, then treated with a specially formulated coating that will allow it to light quickly and burn long enough to light even logs in a fireplace.

Barbecuing with Colorado Kindling

clean and efficient kindling without affecting the taste or safety of your BBQ

There is nothing quite like the smell of a charcoal barbecue to completely embody Summer. But using lighter fluid is a known carcinogen and changes the flavor of you food. You could use paper to light your coals, but that is messy and often takes a while to actual get the coals hot enough. The embers are also unpredictable and can be dangerous if a gust of wind blows through.

Colorado Kindling is a fast, natural way to kindle your coals.

Camping with Colorado Kindling

The fast, easy way to kindle your campfire

You finally got up to the campsite, and it is getting dark soon, you'd better start a campfire. So first, go searching for some dry kindling to to get the fire stared, then use about a dozen or so matches, or burn your fingers using that lighter until hopefully some of it catches. Then hope it stays lit long enough to actually catch some of your fire wood. Uh oh, too late, it is dark, and you're going to need some more kindling ....

Or you can simply light the wick of a Colorado Kindling pine cone and be sitting in front of your amazing campfire within minutes.